Monday, February 24, 2014

Frozen Party

The biggest "kid" movie of the year was Frozen and both of the girls LOVE it.  Gracie requested it as the theme for her birthday and I had fun planning a few things around it.  I've finally learned after six parties for Gracie to not plan too much, the kids just want to play with each other. 
Gigi of course outdid herself again with the desserts this year.  She made snowflake cookie - no two were alike - and they were so delicious.  She also made Elsa's Ice Castle cake.  It was blue velvet and white cake.  She was in the process of decorating it when she had to stop to take Libby to Urgent Care.  She had a horrible earache and was crying for over an hour.  
Princess Grace, Princess Claire and Princess Aubrey playing in one of the two castles I set up upstairs.  
It was a beautiful day so after playing upstairs for a bit the kids headed out to swing.  We could almost get everyone from the party on a swing.
The one game I had planned was pin the nose on Olaf.  Liberty did pretty good!
We also had the movie Frozen playing so the kids watched that for a bit.
Libby (and Gigi & Pop) made it back just in time to sing Happy Birthday and help pass out the cake.
Thank you again Mom for all of your help!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gracie Turns 6

Our Gracie girl is 6!!!  This year we got a book from Ken and Patty that had a birthday outfit for your Elf on the Shelf.  He comes back and decorates a birthday chair.  Gracie was so excited to see what Gus did.  David was in Canada until the next day but we called him super early that morning so he could sing with Libby and me.
Everyone was waiting for the birthday girl to get home from school.  Check out that attitude...
Garrett and Gus brought her six roses.  So sweet!
Gigi made Gracie some birthday brownies.  Gus just had his 3rd birthday so Garrett had to do a little bit of mouth covering so he didn't blow out the candles.
But Gracie didn't care and told everyone to help!
Nana also drove in that afternoon.  The girls were soooo excited to see her.   I told Gracie she could pick anywhere she wanted to eat for dinner.  She picked Chick-fil-A!!!
Six things about Gracie:
1.  BIG time Daddy's Girl - If he's sitting she's in his lap or on his shoulders, loves donuts dates.
2.  Loves to draw - best Christmas present was a ream of paper.
3.  Thriving in school - her teacher is awesome and her classmates really look up to her.
4.  Fashionista - she would wear a dress every day if I'd let her.  I've stopped fighting her on what she wears, if she likes it-- more power to her. 
5.  Dancing Queen - She's loving ballet and tap, but really loves making stuff up and singing with the radio.
6.  Her best friend is Libby - They play from the moment she walks in the door and all weekend.  She does get a tad bossy but Libby doesn't mind.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fun In February

The "spider swing"! Pop's swing set includes two regular swings, but David and I bought the girls this swing.  It can hold up to 660lbs so all the kids can pile on.  Here's Gracie and our neighbor Jackson after school one day.
Our Libby Lou had to get allergy testing.  We found out she's highly allergic to mountain cedar and cats.  
The girls and I headed to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo with Pop.  First things first - cotton candy!
It was so cold that day but these girls wanted to ride some rides.  Gracie and I rode the roller coaster.  So fun!
Seriously sooooo cold! Check out Libby's gloves - I forgot hers at home but remembered before I picked up Pop so she borrowed some of Gigi's.
Gracie celebrated her 100th day of school by dressing up like a hundred year old.  
 Bowling with my buddies to celebrate Craig's Birthday.
This girl knows how to tie her shoes (not great) but still!!!
Daddy is the ultimate pancake maker.  He made red velvet for Valentines.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII

We hosted a Sparks family Super Bowl at our house this year.  We were hoping to have a crawfish boil and hang out outside but the weather spoiled our plans.  Crawfish aren't even in season yet because it has been so cold and there was freezing rain the day of the party. 
That didn't stop us from having fun.  Uncle Ken filling out his name in Squares. 
Pop won two quarters but Bill was the big winner. 
Libby was modeling the super cute chef outfit that Aunt Patty got the girls.  
And our chefs for the evening - David and Zane.  We didn't have crawfish but these boys did make a great shrimp and crab boil.
Gus does NOT want his back scratched tonight Debi!!!
The game turned out to be horrible but the company was great.