Friday, May 9, 2014

Libby's End of Year Program

Libby's class performed three songs.  The first one they all wore sunglasses because they were soooo cool.
Libby was seriously the best performer.
Look at her classmates checking her out. They sang a song from Frozen.
The incredible Mrs. Amy instructing her students.
Libby and Simone.
We love Mrs. Amy.
After the performance we went to get ice cream with Nana, Gigi and Pop.  Gigi knew one of Libby's songs from her Bible school days so they decided to perform it for all of us.  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gracie's First Field Day

Gracie had her first field and it just brought back so many fond memories.  Her first event was a scooter race.  She was winning until the last minute and then gave up right before the finish line.  David and were screaming at her to finish. 
Each kinder class was a different color.  She ran over to Mrs. Elliott to get her ribbon pinned on.
Libby was very proud of her big sis.
My favorite even to watch was tug-of-war.  All of the kids just tried soooo hard.
Purple team was obviously not the winner.
David had to go out of town so Gigi came up to help cheer.  She volunteered a lot in her classroom so all the kids loved seeing her.
The 50 yard dash.  Poor kids, the last 10 yards was uphill!
So proud of my girl!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April is Awesome

We did a lot of fun stuff in April.  Gracie and Libby went to stay with Linda and Bill one weekend.  Linda sent this pic, the girls thought they were sooooo fancy.
I got to spend some quality time with some of my oldest friends before 3 of them welcome babies.  Me, Steff (due with a girl in May), Abbey (due with a boy in May), Katie (washboard abs) and Lacy (due with a girl in Aug.)
Libby had a trike-a-thon at her school benefiting St. Jude.  She did great, but we need to practice her Stryder bike so she can ride a big girl bike soon.
David had an event at the Four Seasons so we joined him after he was done and the girls went for a very cold swim.  
The next day we had brunch there and oh my goodness at the spread.  The girls were in food heaven!!!
We got to celebrate Czarina and Evan coming home from Boston!
Gracie was in another AR parade.  It's be amazing to see her progress in her reading.
Gigi and Pop came home from New Mexico in time to celebrate her birthday.  (And help me as I recovered from a stomach bug.)
The weather has been beyond gorgeous and we've had a great time going on walks and picking flowers.
Daddy celebrated his 36th birthday.  He has been traveling a lot but made sure he was home to celebrate with his two munchkins.  

Monday, April 21, 2014


I always wait until the last minute to visit the Easter Bunny so I was a little worried about the line, but we just walked right up. 
The Donahos had their annual Easter egg hunt and 
So many kids!  And I think I cut some off.
The Easter Bunny made an appearance.  Gracie and Garrett noticed that the Easter Bunny's watch looked a lot like Zane's...
Debi and Zane also had a few people over for a night time hunt.  The Moms (and a few Dads) tried to cram glow necklaces into eggs.  It was so cool to see but really hard to photograph.  The kids had a great time!!!
The next morning the woke up to find Easter treats.
As you can see they had to change into their new nightgowns and their dolls as well.
Gracie is FAST!  We had to ask her to stop a couple of times to give Libby a fair shot.
This part of our backyard will have a few more trees soon!
 Shocked to find money in some eggs.